Design support dementia and elderly care

The right design, the right equipment, and the best use of space can make all the difference to caregivers, elderly residents, and those with cognitive impairments.

Environments that enhance well-being and dignity

If the design of a care environment is not optimal, it is difficult to deliver quality care. The best long-term care facilities for the elderly are those that effectively cater to the preferences, expectations, and the clinical needs of all individuals. At the same time, clinical goals must be achieved without compromising caregiver efficiency or safety.

Working in close collaboration, we can help you develop optimized care environments for the long-term care of your elderly residents and those with cognitive impairment. We can help you select the right equipment, train your caregivers, and ensure you have enough space for optimized functionality.

Our Guidebook for Architects and Planners has been edited and reviewed by a team of international experts, including architects, caregivers, and ergonomists to ensure your care space is maximized. We also offer a comprehensive summary of best practice design measures to optimize your care environment, improve the workflow and safety of your caregivers, and keep your resident as comfortable and mobile as possible.

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Architects Planners

For over 60 years, we have worked with architects, nursing personnel, and experts in safe patient handling to formulate guidelines for the construction and refurbishment of healthcare facilities.

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