About us

Cost-effective, sustainable and safe: water-based reprocessing for noncritical, noninvasive medical devices.

Our promise

Reprocessing can be achieved by safely disinfecting noncritical, noninvasive single-use medical devices so they can be used again. However, using dangerous chemicals does not align with our core priorities of safety and sustainability, so we made a promise to our customers, ourselves and our planet: improve patient safety and invest in our future. In accordance with this pledge, we launched Arjo ReNu™ — a reprocessing program aimed at increasing reuse and reducing medical waste.

What is high-level disinfection pasteurization?

Arjo ReNu reprocessing is safe and effective. We use a nontoxic method of pasteurization called high-level disinfection (HLD), which uses high-temperature water to disinfect medical devices of bacteria, viruses and other microbes. The HLD pasteurization process allows you to reuse noncritical, noninvasive devices more times, which may save on treatment costs.

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