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Wellness & relaxation

It is a challenge requiring compassion and appropriate solutions

People with dementia or similar cognitive impairments can behave in many different ways. They can be restless, anxious, non-responsive or even aggressive. It is important to remember that behavior is individual and can be guided.

The care of residents with dementia and cognitive impairments should always be delivered according to individual needs and coordinated by a multi-disciplinary team.

Our solutions, which include specially designed baths with integrated music and sensor stimulation as well as a relaxation chair with built-in music and rocking motion, can help you support vulnerable residents and help enhance the calmness of your care setting.


Wellness Nordic Relax Chair

The fully-automated Wellness Nordic Relax Chair* combines music, tactile stimulation, and rocking motion to offer a unique and calming multi-sensory experience.

Therapeutic bathing

Clinical evidence has shown that taking a hot bath has a lot of benefits including pain relief, enhanced mobility, reduction of symptoms in skin disease, as well as improved psychological well-being.
Lucien de Kreek

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