Left Leg Amputee Sling

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Article number: MAA4080M
SWL: 272 kg/600 lbs
Sizes: S*, M, L, LL, XL

Compatible lifts and spreader bars:
Maxi Move: Manual DPS, Power DPS
Maxi Twin: Manual DPS, Power DPS
Maxi Twin Compact: Power DPS
Maxi 500: Manual DPS
Maxi Sky 2/600: Power DPS

*Available through the Arjo Tailor Made Sling Service

Article Number - Product Description
MAA4080M-M - Left Leg Amputee Sling M
MAA4080M-L - Left Leg Amputee Sling L
MAA4080M-LL - Left Leg Amputee Sling LL
MAA4080M-XL - Left Leg Amputee Sling XL

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