Maxi Once

Hygienic single use disposable sliding aid for high resident/patient turnover and infection control

MaxiOnce™ is a single use disposable sliding aid designed to meet the needs and challenges of today’s healthcare environments. MaxiOnce is only used with one specific patient on one occasion, ensuring a hygienic and secure patient transfer.

MaxiOnce is a tubular sliding aid made of a strong low-friction material. It is an ideal solution for lateral transfers in hospital areas with high patient turnover and high demand for infection control.

Accessibility & Availability

MaxiOnce comes on a roll, which is inserted into the MaxiOnce holder. The MaxiOnce can be cut to any length needed. Only the necessary length of material needs to be taken away from the roll before each transfer. The MaxiOnce measurement system makes it easy to determine the right length of the sliding aid.


As single use disposables, MaxiOnce further protects against the risks associated with cross-contamination. Protecting patients is a key part of an infection control policy.

Cost Effective

Cost Management is high on the agenda for today's healthcare managers. MaxiOnce can help to provide safer patient transfers and reduce the risk of injuries to caregivers.

The MaxiOnce™ saves time and reduces risk

  • No more wasted time looking for sliding aids
  • No more damaged or lost sliding aids during the laundry process
  • No more dangerous manual lifting because sliding aids are damaged or unavailable

Technical Information

Measurements and weight

Article number
17.6 lbs (8.4 kg)
Dimension (Length x Width)
328 x 2 1/2"(100 x 0.8 m )

MaxiOnce Holder

Article number

MaxiOnce Measurement System

Length feetLength meters
Number of Arjo logos
4 - 5
1.20 - 1.50
5 - 61.50 - 1.80
6 - 71.80- 2.10
7 - 82.10 - 2.408

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.