Maxi Sky 1000

Bariatric ceiling lift system for dignified transfers

The Maxi Sky® 1000 offers a complete ceiling lift system specifically designed to facilitate safe and dignified transfer of non-ambulatory bariatric residents/patients.

The sophisticated and easy-to-operate system allows a single caregiver to perform transfers using the hand control without stress or strain and with no manual lifting.

  • The Maxi Sky® 1000 allows safe, comfortable and dignified transfers of bariatric residents/patients. The lift cassette can be installed on a semi-permanent gantry or a permanent ceiling-mounted straight track. There is a comprehensive range of bariatric loop and clip slings, which can be attached to the four-point spreader bar
  • The Maxi Sky 1000 is easy to operate, with programmable lifting speed and spreader bar height regulation via the handheld control unit. Several features, such as a brake, lowering system and cord-pull stopping device provide added security for the resident/patient in the event of an emergency
  • The lift is always ready for use and the immediate electronic soft-start and soft-stop means there are no delays or overruns, ensuring the lift can always be stopped in exactly the right position

This comprehensive system has been specifically designed to provide safe and comfortable transfers for bariatric residents/patients.

Safe working load: 1000 lbs (455 kg)
Unit weight (batteries included): 48 lbs (22 kg)
LED indicator for maintenance required
Soft-start and stop motor control
Power on indicator
Emergency brake system
Manual emergency lowering device (located on the motor cab)
Electrical up and down emergency buttons
Emergency stopping device (pull cord) accessible from the ground
Low battery indicator (audible and visual LED)
Charging indicators

Strap length up to 90 " (2.3 m)

Lifting speed:
1.2"/sec (3 cm/sec) at 1000 lbs (455 kg)
1.6"/sec (4 cm/sec) at 500 lbs (230 kg)
2.8"/sec (7 cm/sec) at 0 lbs (0 kg)
Batteries: 2x7 Ah will average 150 cycles (loaded at 75 kg/165 lbs)
Adjustable horizontal displacement speeds: 10, 14, 15, 20 cm/sec.
Automatic return to charge function initiated by user (optional): weight sensor cut-out 20 lbs (9 kg)
ABS FR casing (fire retardant)
CSA No 601.1, UL No 2601-1 certifications CE marked / ISO 10535
Charger unit
Power indicator on charging module
Clip on charger any where on the track
100-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz / 27 Va
Protection class IP44 (handset)
Infrared remote control (optional)

The Maxi Sky® 1000 system offers two configuration types and a range of functions. The following list covers some of the most important features. For a full presentation of the Maxi Sky 1000 system, please contact your local Arjo representative.

  • Safe working load: 1000 lbs (455 kg)
  • Installed on permanent ceiling-mounted track or semi-permanent freestanding gantry
  • Clip-on charging station can be fitted anywhere on track
  • Electronic soft start and soft-stop
  • Emergency lowering device
  • Emergency stopping device
  • Emergency brake
  • Low battery lift limiter
  • Overload circuit protectionStrap length up to 90” (2.3 m)
  • Height from floor to ceiling 82"-118" (2.1 m-3 m)
  • Battery charging indicatorLED indicator for maintenance required


  • For ceiling-mounted fixed track, straight track layouts are applied
  • Track available in 177” and 236” (4.5 m and 6 m) lengths
  • Straight section – track height 5 1/2” (140 mm), available in 177” (4.5 m) lengths
  • Max distance between supporting structures: 79" (2 m)
  • Straight section – track height 7" (180 mm), available in 236” (6 m) lengths
  • Max distance between supporting structures: 118” (3 m)
  • OptionsReturn To Charge (RTC) function

Maxi Sky 1000 Brochure

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* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.