Shower & Disinfection Panels

This built-in resident/patient shower, for use with shower trolleys and shower chairs, provides a complete and integrated showering system.

System integration

The Shower Panel is mainly used together with the Carevo™, Carino™, Carendo™, Concerto™ or Basic™ to create a complete system for the assisted showering process.

Enhancing lives

Combined, for example, with the Carevo shower trolley, the Shower Panel can improve safety and comfort throughout the showering process.

Making tasks easier and safer

This is an easy-to-operate unit that streamlines showering and equipment disinfection routines.

Improving care and efficiency

The Shower Panel is a simple solution for assisted showering and can be used to improve the efficiency of showering routines for dependent residents/patients.

  • The Shower & Disinfection Panel is a compact wall-mounted unit
  • Available in three designs, with different sink alternatives
  • Accurate thermostatic mixer with shut-off function
  • Resident/patient Shower & Disinfection Panels are also fitted with an extra cleaning shower, to ensure good system hygiene routines

Water supply

Cold waterG3/4” female (customer connection)
Warm waterG3/4” female (customer connection)
Connect with shut-off valves, 3/4" connection
Max static pressure87 psi (600 kPa)
Min operating pressure4.4 psi (30 kPa)
Min flow5.3 gal (US)/min (20 L/min)
Recommended cold water temperature37-68°F (3-20°C )
Recommended hot water temperature100-176°F (38-80°C)

Water drainage

Min drainage capacity26.5 gal (US)/min (100 L/min)

Measurements, volumes and weights

 Without tankWith flush tankWith flush valve
Weight31 lbs (14 kg)35 lbs (16 kg)31 lbs (14 kg)
Width17 7/8" (455 mm)29 1/2" (750 mm)17 7/8" (455 mm)
Height20" (510 mm)20" (510 mm)20" (510 mm)
Depth7 1/2" (190 mm)7 1/2" (190 mm)7 1/2" (190 mm)

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.