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Patient handling

Patient Handling: What have we learned?

The ISO/TR 12296:2012 report calls Patient Handling "any activity requiring force to push, pull, lift, lower, transfer or in some way move or support a person or body part...". We believe Patient Handling is much more than that. We know that it’s an essential part of the path to well-being.

Patient Handling isn’t just about enabling safer conditions; it’s also about helping people feel more secure. More than just a part of a robust rehabilitation process, Patient Handling can empower people to face unique challenges with courage and dignity. It’s about going beyond efficiencies to focus on ensuring caregivers have the time they need to care for and connect with patients and residents.

We believe these are the essential ingredients for quality patient care. And after decades of first-hand experience, they are beliefs we know to be true.

Today, we provide Patient Handling through integrated solutions that are easy to use and readily available. They help ensure safe and efficient working environments for caregivers, while helping patients and residents feel secure, comfortable, and dignified.

Work related injuries

Providing the best possible care is not always easy. Without the right solutions, it can put the caregiver and resident at risk. Manual transfers in particular can place caregivers at risk of serious and long-term injury.

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