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A question of comfort and dignity

When entering a care environment for a short or a long-term stay, reliance on others to assist with personal hygiene needs can significantly impact a person’s well-being. Whether it’s showering or bathing, maintaining dignity and comfort for patients/residents while working safely to reduce the risk of injury is essential.

Caring for hygiene needs across care settings

As hygiene care needs differ significantly across care settings, from patients requiring specialist burn treatment to residents with dementia, our comprehensive range of solutions are designed to optimize delivery of hygiene care for those requiring assistance.

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Bathing and wellness

Our bathing systems make bathing accessible for all patients/residents. These comprehensive, integrated solutions, for transportation, transfer and bathing, are designed for specific patient/resident mobility levels and provide ergonomic conditions for caregivers.

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Improving safety of caregivers

Our hygiene solutions are designed to be intuitive and easy to use, ensuring you are able to perform essential daily hygiene tasks safely and efficiently while providing a comfortable and dignified experience for your patient/resident.

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