➊ Improve customer value

We ensure value creation for our customers by driving an organization focused on the unique needs of customers in acute care and long–term care.

We endeavor to deliver improved clinical results and higher financial value by contributing to more efficient care and reducing total care costs. The priorities in this area include continuous innovation, product renewal and development of the range of services offered. Arjo has clear plans for the areas of research, development and marketing, which is expected to lead to increased product renewal and new innovations in the coming years. The goal is to develop and offer complete solutions to help customers face current and future demographic trends, stricter regulatory requirements, enhance the quality of care and the efficiency of patient flows and deliver greater patient safety.

➋ Strengthened commercial focus

One of the initiatives to intensify Arjo’s commercial focus includes increasing our market presence in both existing and new markets.

We currently hold a strong position in acute care and also intend to expand our presence in long-term care. In addition to an intensified focus on long-term care, Arjo’s aim is to optimize its product portfolio and sales process. 


➌ Increased operational agility

Arjo’s aim is to increase its operational agility, for example, through initiatives for generating enhanced product quality, a more efficient value chain and simplified and harmonized internal company processes.

 This will allow Arjo to respond more quickly to customer needs and capitalize on market trends. Arjo works actively to ensure that it complies with regulatory requirements and strives to deliver a high level of product quality and safety.

➍ Develop the business and people together

It is the people of Arjo who generate and develop the business and, accordingly, Arjo has prepared a long-term HR agenda that ensures that the organization has the necessary expertise, leadership, and key skills to meet both current and future business needs.

This work involves succession planning, activities to promote diversity, and various training programs. Such activities are necessary to ensure that Arjo can attract, recruit, develop, and retain employees with the necessary expertise and values who can contribute to Arjo’s continued development.

➎ A sustainable and winning culture

The objective is to create a result-oriented organization based on Arjo’s core values of Passion, Collaboration, Openness, Excellence, and Ownership

The common factor uniting these five core values is that Arjo values people and wants to improve the health and well-being of others. To bring about a sustainable and winning culture, Arjo promotes enthusiasm, a focus on solutions that add value and generate a real positive change for people, assuming ownership and making decisions, and being a team player working toward attaining the Group’s goals. Arjo also views equality as a key issue to its success.