Investing in our future

July, 21 2021

Our environment is fragile and the focus this year is to “restore our earth” through natural processes, green technologies and innovation.

Similar to diligently caring about our own health and well-being, we must care about the health of our environment. Our environment is counting on us to take care of it as having a cleaner, healthier earth will benefit all of mankind for decades to come. The environment belongs to all of us, including future generations, and we need to pay it forward for them.

At Arjo, we are committed to providing solutions that help hospitals meet their environmental initiatives. Our Arjo ReNu reprocessing program is a 100% green, sustainable solution for noncritical, noninvasive medical devices that positively impacts our environment. Arjo ReNu uses water-based, high-level disinfection (HLD) without the use of chemicals that does not degrade or discolor product, retain chemical residue, release dangerous air emissions into the environment, or exposure to potential carcinogens. This safe, non-toxic, less expensive solution allows devices to remain in circulation longer, thereby reducing medical waste in our landfills and generating significant cost savings to the hospital that may be reinvested towards other important hospital initiatives.

Commonly used noncritical, noninvasive medical devices able to be reprocessed using high-level disinfection include:

  • DVT compression garments
  • Lateral transfer matts
  • Pulse oximeter probes
  • ECG leads
  • Slings
  • Pneumatic tourniquets
  • Infusor bags

Don’t see a specific medical device listed? Let us know as we’re always looking to explore and expand device reprocessing opportunities.

It’s always the right time to go green by investing in our future in ways that protect and preserve our environment!

To learn more about how our Arjo ReNu green solution can have a significant impact on your bottom line and our environmental footprint, please visit Arjo ReNu or contact us for a complimentary reprocessing cost savings assessment.


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