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Assessment, Consultation, Transformation


The most common challenge facing healthcare organisations today is funding, causing many healthcare facilities to service and maintain equipment well beyond it’s recommended life. Often equipment becomes uneconomical to repair, or due to a change in use of a facility the equipment no longer meets the needs of the patients being supported.

ProACT™ is a professional programme designed to work in partnership with you to deliver the very best outcomes for carers/health professionals and residents/patients, by understanding your healthcare facility needs and aspirations using a 3-stage process:

ASSESSMENT – Assess your needs, resources and activities

CONSULTATION - Consult to develop a flexible action plan based on product type for your healthcare facility. Recommendations utilise agreed best practice guidelines and resource planning tools, to provide realistic solutions to optimise the quality of resident/patient care and increase efficiency.

TRANSFORMATION - Transform your healthcare facility to optimise efficiencies and improve the quality of care and work.

Utilising ProACT enables the:

  • Assessment of the mobility needs of residents/patients
  • Identification of equipment gaps or surplus equipment
  • Identification of equipment condition
  • Identification of aged equipment and equipment beyond expected service life

In addition, ProACT can also record further information to assist you to identify:

  • Number of patient/resident falls and continence levels
  • Service maintenance information