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Hospital bed solutions

The essential foundation for patient wellbeing

Whether it be for a short-term stay or an extended recovery, the bed is central to daily patient care. It is designed to provide a safe environment for patient care, where rest and recuperation should be both safe and therapeutic.

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Designed for life, for choice and for value

We offer a comprehensive range of ergonomic hospital beds, designed to provide the ideal environment for your patients across clinical needs, acuities and care settings, from critical care to the general ward.

One platform, different patient acuities

Covering all patient acuity levels, from low to high, and across multiple care settings, from med-surg to intensive care, the universal platform is a sound choice for evolving hospital needs.

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Easy service and maintenance

Open accessibility and easily removable components means that work on items such as actuators, control box, handsets, battery and castors can be carried out in-situ, within a few minutes, by one trained person.

Cost efficient and flexible solution

As part of our comprehensive range, we also offer flexible rental, sales and leasing options designed to maximise the affordability of our solutions and the value of your investment.

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