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Dementia Care

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Centring care around body and mind

Our carefully selected dementia care portfolio can assist you to deliver person centred care around the clock, from patient transfers to bathing and wellness.

Our solutions are designed to:
- Facilitate smoother activities of daily living
- Enable one-to-one interactions
- Support a calm and dignified care environment

We have developed the mobility gallery and dementia care personas to assist you in identifying individual needs and selecting appropriate solutions to support activities of daily living.
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Wellness Nordic Relax Chair

The fully-automated Wellness Nordic Relax Chair combines music, tactile stimulation and rocking motion to offer a unique and calming multi-sensory experience.

Sara Flex

Designed to make everyday tasks easier, Sara Flex allows a single carer to position a resident from a seated to a secure and stable standing position in one ergonomic movement.

Sara Stedy

Sara Stedy is a mobility-promoting support aid that can support residents to stand up independently. It supports participation of the person living with dementia and enables them to continue to engage muscles.


A multipurpose hygiene chair with adjustable height, the Carendo allows a single carer to work in an ergonomic position while supporting a dignified showering experience for their resident.

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