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Ceiling Tracking

Arjo KWIKtrack™ system

Arjo offers a complete ceiling lift programme, tailored to the specific needs of the hospital or healthcare facility.

This includes assessment, installation, training and long term service and maintenance, to ensure the best possible working environment for staff, and safe, comfortable and diginfied transfers for residents/patients.
Arjo KWIKtrack™ system includes tracks, curves, full room (X-Y) traverse systems, gates, turntables, exchangers and attachment products - modular components that can be combined to create the ideal layout to suit your specific needs.
Full room coverage. The X-Y system allows full room coverage and can be installed in various ways, including solutions such as embedded track and wall mounting.
Embedded solution is mounted into the ceiling, which enables a more discrete look, as well as increasing the lifting stroke.
ECS (Enhanced Charging System) ensures the lift is always ready for use, as the batteries are continuously charged wherever the lift is located on the track.
Curtain pass-through solution. Through a gap in KWIKtrak, curtain cass pass through to provide privacy for a patient.
Mirror strip can easily be attached to the track and reflects the surroundings and thereby allowing the track to blend in more to the environment.

KWIKtrack™ track system provides the optimum solution tailored to your specific situation and needs.

Weight and dimensions
Height mm 180 mm, 140 mm, 90 mm
Curve (degree) 45°, 90°

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.