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Maxi Sky 2 Transportable

Adding flexibility to Maxi Sky® 2 ceiling lift technology

The Maxi Sky 2 Transportable is an accessory to the Maxi Sky 2 ceiling lift. The ceiling lift relocation accessory allows the Maxi Sky 2 ceiling lift to be easily removed from its current location and transported to another room that is also equipped with a receiving module.
The Maxi Sky 2 Transportable offers new flexibility for the current Maxi Sky 2 ceiling lift that does not compromise on safety and offers great value to customers looking for the renowned benefits of the Maxi Sky 2 Technology in multiple rooms.

Designed with flexibility and safety in mind

Quick and easy relocation of the Maxi Sky 2 ceiling lifts in different rooms.
Innovative patent pending design providing system with optimal user safety.
Optimisation of fleet management with occasional relocation of ceiling lifts by a technician
Compatible with all KWIKtrack™ installations and Maxi Sky 2 ceiling lift.

Maxi Sky 2 Instructions for use

Category: Instructions for use

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[EN for AU, CA, INT, NZ, GB, US]

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.