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Auralis Alternating Pressure System

Around the clock care for patients at a high-risk of pressure ulcer.

Designed for high acuity patients with limited mobility and compromised skin integrity, the Auralis Alternating Pressure Mattress System assists you in managing your patient’s needs to minimise the risk and burden of pressure ulcer.

Intelligent Pressure Management System with Dual Modality

The Auralis pump uses Self Set Technology to control the mattress pressure in both active (alternating) and reactive (constant low pressure) therapy modes. An advanced microprocessor system regularly assesses the body mass distribution of patients and readjusts cell pressures to suit their individual needs.

Mattress design for enhanced comfort and durability

Designed to enhance patient comfort and safety, the Auralis mattress features the Arjo Premium cover fabric which offers superior longevity against harsh cleaning regimes. This water-resistant, breathable cover has welded seams and a protective flap, which is designed to help control the spread of infection.

Designed for high acuity patients with limited mobility, the Auralis alternating pressure system provides a solution to effectively manage pressure ulcer prevention, offering both mattress and seat cushion options. This preventive therapy solution includes microclimate management, Self-Adjusting Technology and a heel guard feature.

Transport Mode
When put into transport mode, the cell pressures of the mattress equalise to provide patient support for up to 12 hours.

Cell in Cell technology
Permanently inflated U-shaped cells in the torso section are designed to increase stability and to aid with transfer off and on the surface.

Micro Air-Loss
A Micro Air-Loss function is designed to dehumidify the air surrounding the cells and aid in reducing heat build-up.

Heelguard technology
Auralis incorporates five Heelguard cells which help to redistribute pressure at the vulnerable heel area.

Self-Set Technology (SST)
An advanced microprocessor system in the pump regularly assesses patients’ individual needs, with Self-Set Technology designed to control the mattress pressure in both active and reactive constant low pressure therapy modes.

Skin IQ Microclimate Manager
The Auralis pump offers a direct power connection for the Skin IQ coverlet, offering advanced microclimate management. The Skin IQ family of products are powered mattress coverlets that use Negative Airflow Technology (NAT) to continually draw excess moisture away from the skin and surface interface, helping to reduce skin temperature.

CPR Control
Designed for easy, one-handed operation, the CPR Control provides rapid deflation of the mattress to assist with resuscitation procedures.

Safe Working Load
With a maximum user weight of 250kg, the Auralis meets the needs of a wide range of patients.

Cable management
The cable management feature ensures no trailing power cable.
636T01S Overlay Standard 110 2030 x 860 x 115 (80 x 34 x 4.5) 7.9 (17.4)
636T01N Overlay Narrow 110 2030 x 780 x 115 (80 x 30 x 4.5) 7.7 (16.9)
636M05S Mattress Standard 175 with foam underlay 2030 x 860 x 175 (80 x 34 x 7) 13.8 (30.4)
636M05N Mattress Narrow 175 with foam underlay 2030 x 780 x 175 (80 x 30 x 7) 12.7 (27.9)
636M02S Mattress Standard 200 with air filled zone sub-mattress 2030 x 860 x 205 (80 x 34 x 8) 11.3 (24.9)
636M02N Mattress Narrow 200 with air filled zone sub-mattress 2030 x 780 x 205 (80 x 30 x 8) 11 (24.2)
636C01S Seat cushion 470 x 455 x 50 (18.5 x 17.9 x 2) 1.2 (2.6)
Maximum patient weight Overlay & mattress: 250 kg Seat cushion: 200 kg
Part number 636XXX (XXX is determined by the type of mains lead fitted. Please refer to rear label on the pump for full part number)
Size 385 x 290 x 170 mm (15.2 x 11.4 x 9.7 in)
Weight 5.5 (12.1 Ib)
SKIN IQ® adapter part number Power cable 636377
Alternating cycle time 10 minutes (Alternate 10 minutes, Auto-Firm 15-30 minutes, CLP continuous)
Supply Voltage 100-230 V
Power Input 4-58 VA
IP Rating IP21
Case material ABS Plastic
Sound output 28.75 dBA

Auralis Instructions for use

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Auralis Quick Reference Guide - Use (A4, Portrait, colour)

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Auralis Quick Reference Guide - Cleaning and disinfection (A4, Portrait, colour)

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