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Rhapsody, Primo and Harmonie

Customised solutions for the entire bathing cycle

Rhapsody and Primo tubs from Arjo are not only height adjustable, but also highly adaptable. Our bathing systems are designed for flexibility and are compatible with a range of transport and lifting aids that cover all resident mobility levels.
Depending on your choice of mobile lift, there are three bath lengths to choose from: the shorter bath for more mobile residents/patients, and the longer bath for dependent residents/patients.
A complete system enables one carer to safely manage the entire bathing cycle.
Bath features can be combined to create systems that suit the specific needs of your facility's patients, for example therapy options like Hydrosound™, Hydromassage™ and Sound Vision™ can be added.
Arjo bathing systems are designed for flexibility.
A complete system for safe management of the entire bathing process.
Height adjustable, as well as highly adaptable.
Control panel with electronic control functions operated by touchpad or push buttons.
Electro-hydraulic lifting mechanism.
Digital display showing bath water and fill and shower temperatures.
Auto-fill automatically fills the tub.
Pop-up drain incl. built-in overflow and flexible drain package for wall and floor connection.
Options include functions like Sound Vision, Hydromassage and Hydrosound.

Technical information

Rhapsody - measurements, volumes and weights

Lifting stroke500 mm (19 5/8")
Total length

1970 mm, 2270 mm, 2520 mm

(77 5/8", 89 1/2", 99 1/4")

Total width970 mm (38 1/4")
Total weight390 kg, 470 kg, 525 kg (860 lbs, 1036 lbs, 1157 lbs)

Water consumption

(filled, with resident/patient)

185 L, 260 L, 310 L

(49 gal (US), 69 gal (US), 82 gal (US))

Filling time, 300 kPa dynamic pressure3 min, 4 min 30 sec, 5 min 15 sec


Primo - measurements, volumes and weights

Lifting stroke500 mm (19 5/8")
Total length1970 mm, 2270 mm (77 5/8", 89 1/2")
Total width850 mm (33 1/2")
Total weight380 kg, 460 kg (838 lbs, 1014 lbs)
Water consumption (filled, with resident/patient)180 L, 250 L (47 1/2 gal (US), 66 gal (US))
Filling time, 300 kPa dynamic pressure3 min, 4 min 30 sec



MarketVoltageFrequencyPower consumption
Europe230/240 V single phase AC50 Hz1200 VA
USA120 V single phase AC60 Hz MaxMax 1200 VA


Water supply

Cold water

G3/4" male (customer connection)

Warm waterG3/4" male (customer connection)
Operating dynamic pressure100-600 kPa  (15-87 psi)
Rec. dynamic pressure200-300 kPa  (29-43.5 psi)
Operating temperaturesMax HW 80°C (176°F) Min HW 60°C (140°F) Max CW 20°C (68°F) Min CW 2°C (36°F)
Recommended water flow(CW + HW) 25+25 L/min (6.6+6.6 gal (US)/min)
Min drain100 L/min (26.4 gal (US)/min)

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.