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Rhapsody, Primo and Harmonie

Assisted bathing solutions to meet the needs of all mobility levels.

Rhapsody, Primo and Harmonie offer a range of bath shapes that are fully compatible with our range of bath lifters, giving you the flexibility to choose the right solution for your resident or patient. All baths are fully height-adjustable, ensuring you are always able to work in a safe and comfortable position and can enjoy a positive one-to-one interaction throughout your bathing task.

All System 2000 baths offer optional Hydromassage, Hydrosound, and Sound and Vision multi-sensory features, designed to help enhance the therapeutic benefits of the bathing experience.
Choose from a range of tub shapes and dimensions
Rhapsody features a unique keyhole shape designed to provide greater access to the resident’s upper body and offers additional shoulder space when reclining in the tub, while Primo and Harmonie feature the familiar shape of a straight tub, with wider dimensions specifically designed with the needs of larger residents in mind.

Compatible with our full range of bath lifters
Choose from our range of bath lifters including the Alenti, Miranti, and the Maxi Sky 2 ceiling lift**, depending on the individual’s mobility level, to transport your patient or resident from bed or wheelchair directly into the bath and back again – in one seamless routine.

Anti-scalding and safety features
Multiple anti-scalding protections including digital temperature display with easy touch control, temperature and pressure regulated mixing valves, and automatic hot water shut-off when the temperature exceeds safe levels. Rhapsody, Primo and Harmonie also feature emergency lowering in case of power outage.

Cleaning and disinfecting
Optional integrated disinfectant dispensing system facilitates convenient cleaning and disinfection of the tub and transfer equipment, while the hot water flush feature helps prevent bacteria growth in the pipework.

Enhance the wellness benefits of bathing
Choose from a range of optional features including Hydromassage spa therapy, Hydrosound cleaning therapy and Sound and Vision to enhance comfort, facilitate relaxation,
and promote the calming and therapeutic benefits of bathing.

**For showering and bathing, ceiling lifter should be paired with a mesh sling which allows water to easily pass through the material.

Technical information

Rhapsody - measurements, volumes and weights

Lifting stroke500 mm (19 5/8")
Total length

1970 mm, 2270 mm, 2520 mm

(77 5/8", 89 1/2", 99 1/4")

Total width970 mm (38 1/4")
Total weight390 kg, 470 kg, 525 kg (860 lbs, 1036 lbs, 1157 lbs)

Water consumption

(filled, with resident/patient)

185 L, 260 L, 310 L

(49 gal (US), 69 gal (US), 82 gal (US))

Filling time, 300 kPa dynamic pressure3 min, 4 min 30 sec, 5 min 15 sec


Primo - measurements, volumes and weights

Lifting stroke500 mm (19 5/8")
Total length1970 mm, 2270 mm (77 5/8", 89 1/2")
Total width850 mm (33 1/2")
Total weight380 kg, 460 kg (838 lbs, 1014 lbs)
Water consumption (filled, with resident/patient)180 L, 250 L (47 1/2 gal (US), 66 gal (US))
Filling time, 300 kPa dynamic pressure3 min, 4 min 30 sec



MarketVoltageFrequencyPower consumption
Europe230/240 V single phase AC50 Hz1200 VA
USA120 V single phase AC60 Hz MaxMax 1200 VA


Water supply

Cold water

G3/4" male (customer connection)

Warm waterG3/4" male (customer connection)
Operating dynamic pressure100-600 kPa  (15-87 psi)
Rec. dynamic pressure200-300 kPa  (29-43.5 psi)
Operating temperaturesMax HW 80°C (176°F) Min HW 60°C (140°F) Max CW 20°C (68°F) Min CW 2°C (36°F)
Recommended water flow(CW + HW) 25+25 L/min (6.6+6.6 gal (US)/min)
Min drain100 L/min (26.4 gal (US)/min)

System 2000 Instructions for use

Category: Instructions for use

File name: 04.AR.12_15EN.pdf

Type: PDF

Size: 1.67 Mb

[EN for INT, US, AU, GB]

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.