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The Science of Sub-Epidermal Moisture


Download The Science of Sub-Epidermal Moisture Clinical Evidence Summary


Discover the role of Sub-Epidermal Moisture (SEM) in Pressure Injury development, and how SEM scanning technology enables you to perform early and objective assessment of PI risk 5 days*1 earlier than visual skin assessment, regardless of skin tone2, securing a window of opportunity for you to deploy a targeted intervention strategy that helps to reduce the incidence of Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPIs).

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  2. Bates-Jensen BM, McCreath HE, Pongquan V. Sub-epidermal moisture is associated with early pressure ulcer damage in nursing home residents with dark skin tones: pilot findings. J Wound Ostomy Continence Nurs. 2009;36(3):277-284.