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Clinical support for prone positioning

Arjo is here to support you

To assist you in navigating the complexities of proning, Arjo is supported by a team of critical care clinical consultants who have the real-world experience necessary to guide you toward the best tools and processes for you organization. In addition to on-site support, we offer 24/7 remote clinical and technical support hosted by critical care clinicians.


24/7 Support with LINC

Our LINC support line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide the immediate answers you need when proning a patient.

Learn: the right patient, right time, right product
Initiate: placement support, orders or questions regarding therapy or product
Navigate: the features and benefits of prone therapy
Connect: with experienced critical care clinicians to help support patient outcomes

Call 844-55PRONE (844-557-7663) for 24/7 support!

Diligent Consulting

For some facilities, additional support may be needed to confidently address the challenges related to prone positioning and early mobility. For those facilities, we offer more hands-on guidance with Diligent® Consulting.


What is Diligent Consulting?

Diligent is an evidence-based clinical program that focuses on using task-specific equipment, and most importantly, improved processes and procedures to minimize injuries to both staff and patients. By implementing the right equipment and education, your facility can positively affect instances of preventable harm, meaning fewer challenges and more opportunities for successfully maintaining your quality of care.

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