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Mobility Gallery™ and personalized care with dementia

Care that is safe, comfortable and dignified

Residents are individuals with different life histories, preferences, taste and interests. We work to help ensure their lives in long-term care are comfortable and dignified.

Due to functional and cognitive decline, people living in long-term care facilities require daily living assistance and personal care. They often need support with toileting, transfer, hygiene, security, stimulation, rest and relaxation.

We strive to develop solutions that help you deliver care tailored to the personal preferences of each individual and according to their functional and cognitive status.

 We offer a range of assessment tools that enable you to assess the needs of your residents and deliver a tailored and optimized care plan. The Mobility Gallery™ has been developed to help you identify the functional mobility level of your resident and choose appropriate solutions – from beds to mobility solutions.

Mobility Gallery™

The Mobility Gallery™ is an assessment tool based on five different levels of mobility, named in alphabetic order from A to E

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