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MaxiSlide Flites

Premium resident/patient specific disposable tubular slides and flat sheets with handles

Arjo has combined two proven concepts, MaxiSlide™ and Flites®, to create MaxiSlide™ Flites, an innovative patient specific disposable sliding aid. Available as a sheet or tube for ergonomic lateral transfers and patient repositioning, MaxiSlide Flites support smooth, efficient patient handling routines.

Made of strong, ultra low-friction material, these aids offer an alternative to manual patient handling procedures. With the same excellent gliding properties on both sides and in both directions, optimum performance is ensured every time.

Physical exertion on the caregiver and the shearing forces on the patient are minimized. Strong built-in handles and disposable pull straps support optimum ergonomic working techniques, and because MaxiSlide Flites are full bed length, there is no need to use an extension tube. They are made from a biocompatibility tested, latex-free material and supplied in a user-friendly box for easy dispensing.

As a patient specific product, MaxiSlide Flites offer the most convenient and efficient solution for busy care environments such as hospitals concerned about cross infection.

MaxiSlide™ Flites come in three different color-coded widths with pull straps as an optional accessory. MaxiTube™ Flites come in two different color-coded widths.

MaxiSlide Flites

  • 30" (760 mm) x 77" (1960 mm)
  • 20 pcs/box

MaxiSlide Flites XL

  • 45" (1140 mm) x 77" (1960 mm)
  • 20 pcs/box

MaxiSlide Flites XXL

  • 60" (1520 mm) x 77" (1960 mm)
  • 20 pcs/box

Pull Straps

  • 32" (800 mm) x 1,5" (40 mm)
  • 50 pcs/bag

MaxiTube Flites

  • 30" (760 mm) x 77" (1960 mm)
  • Ø 19” (480 mm)
  • 20 pcs/box

MaxiTube Flites XL

  • 45"(1140 mm ) x 77" (1960 mm)
  • Ø 29” (740 mm)
  • 20 pcs/box

Maxislide Flites Instructions for use

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* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.