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Sorrento (North America)

With its adaptability and effortless adjustability, the Sorrento is highly functional and easy to operate.

The Sorrento lends itself to changing user needs in multiuser environments, while keeping the patient/resident in mind.

Designed to maximize comfort, the Sorrento also provides postural support and pressure redistribution. The Sorrento tilt-inspace chair is clinically designed for the patient, but with the caregiver in mind.

Used widely in acute and long-term care, the Sorrento provides comfort, support and security.

The chair has been designed to reduce pressure, prevent sliding and falls from the chair, and encourages early mobilization for patients who spend the majority of their time in bed.

Tilt-in-space can be used to improve posture and redistribute pressure. This can also be converted to include forward tilt for rehabilitation or in self-transferring situations. The adjustable back recline will accommodate users with limited hip flexion and when used in combination with tilt-in-space, it can prevent sliding from the chair.

Optional lateral supports and supportive pillows can help to maintain or improve posture and facilitate functional ability in daily activities such as eating and communicating. The correct use of these features and clinical accessories can also reduce common problems such as falling to the side when seated.

Ease of use
Adjustable in less than one minute:
• On site
• Without tools
• Fixed to limit improper adjustment

Infection control
We take infection control seriously. Our chairs have been specifically designed to decrease entrapment areas where bacteria and germs can survive. The hook and loop free design can be easily taken apart for quick and effective cleaning.
Basic Dimensions
Overall height 52 in / 1,320 mm
Back height 30 in / 750 mm
Seat height 24 in / 600 mm
Overall length 47 in / 1,200 mm
Seat depth 15 to19 in / 390 to 480 mm
Clearance height 5 in / 130 mm
Safe Working Load (SWL)
Chair weight unloaded is 136.68 lb / 62 kg
Chair user weight limit is 364 lb / 159 kg
Available seat and overall width
Variations Seat width Overall width 14 in / 350 mm* 25 in / 640 mm 16 in / 400 mm 25 in / 640 mm 18 in / 450 mm 26 in / 670 mm 20 in / 500 mm 28 in / 720 mm 22 in / 550 mm 30 in / 770 mm 24 in / 600 mm 32 in / 820 mm * This seat width is achieved using a 16 in / 400 mm seat and a set of 1in / 25mm padded arm covers.
Arm height options
Low 28 in / 715 mm
Medium 29 in / 740 mm
High 30 in / 765 mm
Recline and tilt angles
Back angle recline 90° – 130° 40° range
Leg rest angle 90° – 125° 35° range
Tilt-in-space From 5° forward, or anterior, tilt to 30° or 45° backward tilt (dependent on chair model)
Seat to footplate height adjustments
High 12 in / 300 mm from seat
Low 20 in / 510 mm from seat


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* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.