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General Purpose Disinfectant

General Purpose Disinfectant is a fifth generation Quaternary Ammonium Compound disinfectant cleanser designed specifically for hard water regions of Canada. With the same blend of active ingredients as Disinfectant Cleanser IV, it is just as safe to use on surfaces and it’s acidic formulation ensures optimal cleaning of organic proteins found in bathing.

• Chelating agents allow for optimal performance in hard water
• One-Step cleaner & disinfectant eliminates the need for a 2 step process
• Hospital Grade Disinfectant with Drug Identification Number (DIN)
• Compatible with whirlpool and Hydrosound® bathing systems
• Is not corrosive or destructive to modern healthcare bathing components
• Highest concentrations to deliver optimal kill strength at lower cost

General Purpose Disinfectant SDS

Category: Safety Data Sheet

File name: 0427 - ARJO GENERAL PURPOSE DISINFECTANT - June 24, 2019.pdf

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[EN for CA, INT]

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