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Disinfectant Cleanser IV

Disinfectant Cleanser IV is a fifth generation Quaternary Ammonium Compound disinfectant cleanser. It is highly effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses and fungi, yet is gentle for use on metals, plastics, rubber and fiberglass and gel coat finishes.

• The most effective quaternary ammonium compound technology
• One-Step cleaner & disinfectant eliminates the need for a 2 step process
• Hospital Grade Disinfectant with Drug Identification Number (DIN)
• Compatible with whirlpool and Hydrosound® bathing systems
• Is not corrosive or destructive to modern healthcare bathing components
• Highest concentrations to deliver optimal kill strength at lower cost

Product Code(s):
PND3065-CA (4 x 4L)
PND3070-CA (6 x 3L)
PND3072-CA (12 x 1L)
PND3068-CA (18 x 500ml)

Disinfectant Cleanser IV SDS

Category: Safety Data Sheet

File name: 241F-ARCN - ARJO DISINFECTANT CLEANSER IV - Feb 2020.pdf

Type: PDF

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