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Shower Trolley

A peer-reviewed study has shown less postural stress when working with Carevo, compared with a traditional high-low shower trolley.

A laboratory study compared Carevo with a traditional high-low shower trolley to determine whether there is a difference between the two in the static load on the musculoskeletal system of the caregiver (Knibbe et al 2013).

  • A 10.2% improvement in the amount of time a caregiver spent in a neutral (or safe) back posture
  • A 3% improvement in the amount of time that a caregiver spent in a non-flexed, non-twisted back posture
  • A 9.4% improvement in the amount of time that a caregiver spent in a neutral (or safe) neck posture
  • Carers also spent a significantly higher percentage of time working at the middle part of the trolley, with more time spent in a neutral back posture – a 13.4% reduction in static load

Comparing with previous study about postural load and efficiency in bathing and showering patients (Knibbe et. al. 1996) the results indicate an improvement in time spend in a safe posture when using Carevo  with 19%, comparing with washing the  patient in a high-low bed.

Conclusions There are several possible explanations as to why better working postures are observed with use of Carevo:

  • The middle curve of the trolley increases the area where nurses can work in acceptable postures.
  • The handles can improve log roll transfers, enabling the patient (if capable) to pull themselves, facilitating the roll.This stimulates patient co-operation as well as reducing musculoskeletal load for the nurse.
  • The head end of Carevo can be lifted – enabling hair washing or other activities in this area to be performed in a more ergonomic posture.
  • The soft part in the middle of the trolley mattress of Carevo (the comfort zone) is positioned where the patient is heaviest, which prevents sliding down the trolley, and rotating is made easier.

Read the full article - Knibbe et al, How Smart is the Carevo? Results of a Study on a New Shower Trolley Generation; The Ergonomics Open Journal 2013, 6, 1-5.