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Becoming a Mobility Outcome Partner

Arjo operates in a market driven by long-term underlying growth factors. The world’s population is continuing to grow together with rising life expectancies. At the same time, lifestyle-related diseases are increasing, which puts enormous pressure on the healthcare system and results in a dramatic increase in costs. A significant portion of these costs is related to reduced patient mobility.

The human body is made to move

At Arjo, we believe that high quality of care and positive clinical outcomes begin by improving patient mobility. Movement helps patients recover faster. It also increases their independence and sense of dignity during the care process. When staff gets the right conditions for increasing patient mobility, while using the right equipment and care skills, the risk of injury is reduced. Job satisfaction increases and general well-being improves. Moreover, improved clinical outcomes and higher quality of care also enable improved financial outcomes.

By offering more outcome-based solutions to overcome the important healthcare challenges, Arjo can address a market that is both ten times larger and growing at double the rate of the market in which the Group currently operates.

Over the next few years, Arjo will continue to improve Group efficiency by focusing on, for example, procurement and logistics. The new strategy also entails an increased focus on continued geographic expansion, and increased investments in developing new technologies that promote outcome-based solutions. Arjo is also investing in developing new outcome-based programs and focus in 2021 will be on launching a program for preventing pressure injuries, something that costs the global healthcare sector more than SEK 500 billion every year.


Arjo is well positioned to support customers and take a leadership position in outcome based solutions

- Leading player with best-in-class products
- Unique understanding of detailed customer needs
- Brand heritage linked to clinical insight
- Strong global commercial footprint
- Emerging need for value offering

Our new strategy will be supported by key enablers