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Rehabilitation and early mobility programs have demonstrated numerous benefits to patients, caregivers and healthcare facilities.

For patients: 

  • Reduces the degree of muscle loss and minimises the poor physical condition associated with prolonged bed rest
  • Improves functional status at hospital discharge
  • Improves walking ability at discharge
  • Improves health related quality of life

For caregivers: 

  • Reduces need for physical assistance
  • Improves working efficiencies by supporting a single-handed care approach 
  • Can help to reduce risk of injury
  • Releases time to care

For Facilities: 

  • Cost reductions associated with reduced hospital length of stay
  • Reduces readmissions
  • Reduces cost associated with caregiver work related injury

Our rehabilitation guide offers suggestions to assist and enhance moments for mobility by introducing technology as a supporting aid in rehabilitation therapy.  

During the rehabilitation process, mobility assistive technologies can be seen as a ‘mobility partner’ to facilitate functional mobility, promote patient safety and reduce caregiver injury. 

Best practice guidelines support the use of assistive technology during mobility and rehabilitation to empower mobility and reduce the risk of hospital acquired harm. 

To download a copy of our guide: Rehabilitation through Empowering Movement, please complete and submit you details. 

*All references available in our guide “Rehabilitation through Empowering Movement”.

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Getinge’s Code of Conduct, centered around Responsible Leadership, sets down the company’s guiding principles for how professional interactions should be conducted, every day, internally and externally, with customers and business partners. The main purpose is to enable and inspire all Getinge employees to demonstrate responsible leadership and to foster an open and transparent culture.

The Code is based on six principles:

1) Always act with honesty, fairness and integrity

2) Stand up and speak up when something isn’t right

3) Act respectfully to protect confidentiality, privacy and information

Getinge’s 14 Global Policies and related Global Directives form the base for the Code of Conduct and gives more guidance on specific areas. The global framework set forth the principles that apply to all employees in their daily business. Due to the constantly evolving regulatory landscape and expectations from stakeholders, our global policies and directives reviewed every other year, and updated based on the recent trends and regulatory requirements.

Getinge’s Global Policies and Directives have been translated into twelve languages and are easily accessible to all employees on the company’s intranet, as well as publically available on Getinge’s website ( ).

Getinge wants to contribute to sustainable health care through increased environmental and social responsibility that has a positive impact on society. We continue our transition toward the target of becoming carbon neutral in our own operations by 2025 (Scope 1 and Scope 2). Getinge has committed to the Science Based Targets initiative as part of increasing transparency about our  progress in reaching our target.

We are progressing according to plan, although much work remains to be done. So far, we have decreased our CO₂-emissions in production by 23% compared to the base year 2019. In 2021, 40% of the energy consumption in our production derived from renewable energy resources and in 2022 we expect that figure to exceed 50%.

To further reduce Getinge’s carbon footprint, we are reviewing our entire supply chain and working with suppliers and customers to adopt a circular economy. This applies to everything from recycling and managing residual products to logistics and distribution.


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Getinge ESG Addendum

Getinge Annual & Sustainability Report 2021

Getinge’s position on conflict minerals:

Most of our products contain metals which originate from various sources around the world. Some products contain tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold, most often in electronic devices needed in our products. These metals, often named 3TG, have become known as 'conflict minerals' because they may be, in part, sourced from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or adjoining countries where a long civil war is ongoing. Illegal armed groups control some of these mines and transit routes to fund their violent operations.

Getinge's position is that the extraction of raw materials never should, directly or indirectly, support armed groups but instead contribute to economic growth and development.

In short, corporate governance aims to ensure that a company is managed in a sustainable, responsible and efficient manner in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations. The Group’s corporate governance structure and its internal regulations provide frameworks for achieving business objectives and strategies and aiming to ensure the continued strong development of the Group’s operations and, consequently, that the Group’s operations fulfill its obligations to shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, creditors and society.

Getinge have clear principles and practices which must be applied for the governance of each Getinge Legal Entity by its Board of Directors, pursuant to all applicable local laws. The purpose is not only to establish appropriate governance and provide efficient management and control, but also to bring clarity to decision making, accountability and the roles of the Board of Directors, the Managing Director/General Manager and other Officers of each Getinge Legal Entity.