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Patient transfer solutions

We were made to move

For patients and residents with limited or impaired mobility, time spent out of bed may be a specific rehabilitation goal or the highlight of their day. All too often, though, the transfer process is risky and too difficult for one person to manage on their own Our comprehensive range of transfer solutions are designed to ensure a simple, streamlined process that is comfortable and dignified for everyone involved.

Celling lifts

Ceiling lift systems from Arjo enable residents/patients to be transferred in a secure, comfortable and dignified way. They also provide an easy-to-operate system that eliminates the need for manual lifting, thereby reducing the risk of injuries to caregivers.

Standing & raising aids

Standing and raising aids enable residents/patients to be raised up from a bed, chair, toilet or wheelchair for transferral or transportation. Promoting mobility and early mobilisation, they are ideal for residents/patients that are having difficulty getting up into a standing position.
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Floor lifters

Easy to understand, simple to operate and providing maximum resident and patient comfort. Arjo resident and patient lifts are firmly established as the most appropriate ergonomic choice for today’s professional nurses and caregivers.
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Lateral transfer & repositioning

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Supine to seated edge of bed

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