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Vascular therapy garments

VTE/DVT prevention garments

Flowtron® uniform and sequential compression VTE prevention garments have been shown to be non-thermal in nature with excellent moisture management properties1; key factors which contribute to patient comfort and subsequent patient compliance.

Comfortable VTE prevention garments are important in improving the patients' experience and therefore concordance with therapy.

One method of improving patient comfort is to focus on the garments ability to allow the passage of heat, air or moisture vapour through the fabric, ensuring that the garment has a low thermal rating and dries rapidly.   Independent laboratory tests (1) have shown that the Flowtron range of uniform and sequential garments are effective at transferring water vapour  with the ability to dry quickly and have a low thermal rating. These are key factors which contribute to patient comfort during IPC therapy.


Flowtron VTE prevention garments

  • Auto garment recognition on Foot, Calf and Calf&Thigh garments when used with Flowtron ACS900,  Flowtron Universal and Flowtron ACS800+ Tri Pulse pumps.
  • Calf  and Calf&Thigh garments compatible  with the Flowtron Excel  with variable pressure setting.
  • Comfortable material with breathability characteristics.
  • Five finger hook & loop fastening.
  • Sterile and non-sterile options available.*
  • Single patient use.
  • Uniform and sequential  bladder with single air inlet tube.

Reference 1. Data on file