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MaxiSlide - Sheets

MaxiSlide™ flat sheets with handles is a sliding system that delivers the advantages of low friction transfers, without the disadvantages of the traditional tubular design.

The flat sheet design with ergonomic handles provides excellent support for a wide variety of manoeuvres. It is particularly easy to put in place and remove from underneath the patient.

Available as an accessory, the MaxiSlide pull straps makes it possible to perform lateral transfer in an optimum ergonomic way.

  • Strong ultra low-friction material
  • Excellent gliding properties
  • Strong built-in handles
  • Pull straps for lateral transfers and floor pick-up

The MaxiSlide™ comes in three different colour coded widths and two lengths.

MaxiSlide Sheet

  • 730 mm (33”) x 1730 mm (68”)
  • 730 mm (33”) x 2000 mm (78 ¾”)

MaxiSlide Sheet XL

  • 1095 mm (43”) x 1730 mm (68”)
  • 1095 mm (43”) x 2000 mm (78 ¾”)

MaxiSlide Sheet XXL

  • 1460 mm (57 ½”) x 1730 mm (68”)
  • 1460 mm (57 ½”) x 2000 mm (78 ¾”)

Pull Straps

  • Length 660 mm (26”)
  • Set of 8.

* Please check with your local sales representative if the product is available for sale in your country.