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Maxi Slide sheets

A simple and cost-effective solution

MaxiSlide flat sheet with handles is a sliding aid that assists the caregiver with in-bed repositioning and transfers with dependent patients or residents.

The MaxiSlide sheets are easy to access and are an economical solution because they do not require a lift to perform a turn or lateral transfer.
• Prevent caregiver injuries by reducing physical effort
Done manually, lateral transfer creates a risk of injury, most likely to the caregiver’s shoulders and lower back. Friction reducing devices reduce the pushing and the pulling force from tasks like
in-bed repositioning and transfers with dependent patients or
• Help prevent pressure injuries
Pressure injuries prevalence and incidence is high in many healthcare facilities and they have a significant economic impact for the organizations, and also affect a patient's quality of life, morbidity, and mortality. This type of injury can be prevented with mobility.1-3
Using a sliding aid while performing an in-bed repositioning or a transfer will improve patient security.4

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2. Brem H, et al. Am J Surg. 2010; 200:473-477.
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Each sheet has built-in reinforced handles or the caregiver to hold. The low-friction device helps the caregiver manage a range of in-bed repositioning and lateral transfers with dependent patients.
MaxiSlide Sheets are manufactured in a soft fabric, which can be fitted beneath the patient promoting comfort and reducing shear and friction during in-bed repositioning and
Optional pull straps can be attached to the sheets for lateral transfers, avoiding caregivers needing to overreach.

The MaxiSlide™ comes in three different colour coded widths and two lengths.

MaxiSlide Sheet

  • 730 mm (33”) x 1730 mm (68”)
  • 730 mm (33”) x 2000 mm (78 ¾”)

MaxiSlide Sheet XL

  • 1095 mm (43”) x 1730 mm (68”)
  • 1095 mm (43”) x 2000 mm (78 ¾”)

MaxiSlide Sheet XXL

  • 1460 mm (57 ½”) x 1730 mm (68”)
  • 1460 mm (57 ½”) x 2000 mm (78 ¾”)

Pull Straps

  • Length 660 mm (26”)
  • Set of 8.

MaxiSlide Instructions for use

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