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What action is Arjo taking in response to COVID-19?

Updated 15th March 2020 

Arjo is implementing the following measures:

  • Self-Isolation for yourself and people in your household who have travelled and are returning from any country overseas. As this information is changing regularly, please use this link to see which location are affected (
  • Provide additional training on infection control and the correct use of PPE, i.e. gloves, aprons and masks;
  • Displaying correct hand-washing posters on-site OHS noticeboards;
  • Ensure you correctly utilise hand sanitiser dispensers that have been prominently placed around the workplace, regularly and as required;
  • We ask you to clean your office work area surfaces, including keyboards, desks, and phones daily with disinfectant wipes or approved cleaning products that are supplied by your local office.
  • Adequate stock of face masks and paper tissues are available at Arjo sites. These are not to be used routinely, so please speak with your Manager if you require a face mask;
  • Everyone to implement social distancing. Spread out a little more and use all available desks in open-plan offices; Avoid physical contact with others, such as handshaking, side kiss and hug. Use other ‘non-contact’ gestures such as, as a wave instead We recommend a distance of at least 1.5m between staff and from anyone who is coughing or sneezing;   
  • Consider the times of the day you use public transport (avoid peak) and try and reduce the number of people travelling in vehicles together;
  • Flexible work arrangements including, working from home where the role allows;
  • Splitting of teams, either by physical location, varying shifts and rosters or a combination thereof;
  • Ensure you no longer congregate in groups, in general, and without necessity; staff to only stay in their work areas & facilities
  • Cancel large team meetings, site collaboration meetings, toolbox meetings and change to Skype, Microsoft Teams or virtual meetings;
  • Cancel and reschedule training, seminars and exhibitions;
  • Rental and Aftermarket Technicians unloading & loading their vans - staggered times at the Arjo site throughout the day;