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Carl needs assistance to perform daily activities
Assistance would, if provided without special precautions, lead to the risk of physically overloading the caregiver. In these cases, equipment should be used to prevent the caregiver from being exposed to unsafe levels.

However, these residents are able to actively contribute to the movement and it is important that they maintain or improve this capacity as far as possible. The assistance provided for Carl might include transfers using a standing and raising aid. It is important to stimulate Carl’s remaining capacity and slow down the deterioration of his mobility.

  • Is able to partially weight bear on at least one leg. Often sits in a wheelchair and has some trunk stability
  • Dependent on caregiver in most situations
  • The yellow of his jersey indicates a risk of dynamic and static overload to the caregiver when not using proper equipment
  • Stimulation of functional mobility for Carl is very important

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In order to ensure that you are best able to meet the needs of your residents/patients, we have compiled a series of informative documents to advise you on how to understand the varying levels of functional mobility, and how to utilise our products and solutions in the most effective way.

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