An attractive workplace

Goals by 2030 Key activities Status 2020
Hälsa och säkerhet på arbetsplatsen    

• Zero Accident Vision
• Support and resources for personal health at the workplace

  • Establish a company-wide safety culture through improvement programs and preventive measures at all units
  • Regular internal and external audits of work environment
  • Accidents per 100 employees: 2.4
  • Global directives and an Occupational Health and Safety
    Handbook is implemented starting January 2021
Employee development    

• An environment in which individuals with advanced knowledge and the right skills stay and develop with the company
• Average staff turnover: 8.5%
• 100% of Arjo employees participate in the annual global People Survey


  • Talent programs (global and local)
  • Succession planning to ensure skill development and secured
  • Annual global People Survey conducted to map engagement
  • Mentorship programs
  • Staff turnover: 7.9%
  • Talent programs postponed due to the pandemic and will
    be conducted in 2021
  • Participation in the annual global People Survey: 89%
    (88% in 2019)
Diversity, equity and inclusion    

The total workforce to be comprised of minimum 40% female employees, with 50% female managers in senior positions, and an even gender distribution in global and local talent programs

  • Recruitment processes that ensure diversity and equity
  • Local and global talent programs that contribute to goals
  • Training in Arjo Guiding Principles and Leadership Behaviors
  • New directive for diversity, equity and inclusion to be implemented in 2021
  • Percentage of women in the total workforce: 38%
  • Percentage of female managers in senior positions: 37%
  • Percentage of women in the Management Team: 50%
  • Percentage of women in the Board of Directors: 29%
  • Percentage of female participants in talent programs
    (2019): 45%

For complete information, see  the Arjo Annual Report 2020